Cost Control & Savings

We have a number of services associated with maximising the value from your telecommunications investment. Some 85% of companies pay their telecommunications bills without checking them, yet up to 12% of charges can be incorrect. There are many areas where cost savings can be achieved. We also offer benchmarking services which can provide peace of mind that your spend is comparable with similar organisations. With a TeleConsultants telecommunications review outcomes will often be reduced costs, increased efficiency and improved performance.

Telecommunications Review

Achieve reduced telecommunications costs, increased efficiency and improved performance. The review begins with a close study of your infrastructure, services, contracts, invoicing, management processes – and then identifies tactical changes that can deliver immediate benefits.

Telecommunications Cost Benchmarking

Covers voice, data and mobile communications. The Benchmark Report lets you know whether your pricing is comparable with that of similar organisations or whether you would benefit from making changes. Provides a sound basis for discussions with telco suppliers.


On-going support to help managers optimise their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services. Includes: a benchmark review of all ICT services (with rationalisation recommendations); monthly executive summaries of billing, trends and potential problems; and six-monthly meetings to discuss current market trends and any other issues of concern. TelcoOptimiser is tailored to your needs.