The new Genesys

The new Genesys

At the beginning of August, TeleConsultants attended the G-Summit conference held by Genesys. It was particularly interesting to see how the new Genesys, post the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence (InIn) at the end of 2016, was fairing.

The event brought together clients, prospective clients and service providers to hear about customer experience and learn how to help enterprises design customer journeys that meet the needs of today’s digitally driven consumer. This included:

  • Omnichannel
  • Customised experience
  • Cloud
  • Digital, informed and mobile consumers
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Industry trends
  • Predictive analysis
  • Workforce optimisation

Despite a healthy scepticism about the marketing messages presented, it is clear the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence has clear synergies both globally and here in New Zealand. Genesys has pulled the two organisations together with relatively little disruption, including new logo, marketing messages and blending the product portfolios into three distinct brands.

  • PureEngage (ex Genesys)
  • PureConnect (ex InIn CIC)
  • PureCloud (ex InIn)

Whilst the products undoubtedly have some overlap, they give a clear roadmap across the entire legacy client base. They all have clear ongoing development embracing the changes in the market and the demands on organisations to provide an Omnichannel, contextual customer experience. All brands leverage the considerable expertise from arguably the market leader of contact centre and customer experience technology.

There are opportunities for clients and service providers from both legacy camps. Even the corporate offices and service providers blended nicely in New Zealand with little need for consolidation. Genesys from Wellington with partners Vodafone, Dimension Data and AGC Networks, and Interactive Intelligence from Auckland with partners Spark, Datacom and Pyrios. This provides the new Genesys with a strong platform and channel support base.

Genesys was the Rolls Royce of contact centre technology, but out of reach for all but the top New Zealand organisations such as telcos, banks and our national airline. Now it is available across a much broader client base.

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