Cogent Converging Telecommunications and Mobile Radio

Cogent Converging Telecommunications and Mobile Radio

The market continues to consolidate. We have seen Genesys acquire Interactive Intelligence and Mitel announce they are acquiring ShoreTel but one acquisition closer to home that may have gone largely unnoticed is Cogent acquiring Skycom.

This is significant not only in that it brings together two well-known New Zealand brands in their own areas of the communication market but it highlights the continued convergence of telecommunications and mobile radio.

In a similar manner to when telecommunications and IT came together to become the ICT market it was only when organisations like Telecom bought Gen-i and Dimension Data and Datacom started managing telecommunication services that the market really saw how well they blended together.

Cogent’s acquisition of Skycom brings together Cogent’s voice, networking and telecommunications experience with Skycom’s expertise in mobile radio. What some may miss are the synergies that come from Cogent’s focus on managed services and how well that fits with Skycom’s managed radio network Digifleet. This also presents opportunities as a part of the Push Wireless (Tait Digital Tier 3) mobile radio network.

It will be interesting to see how Cogent’s broad product and solution line up will be presented to the  combined customer base and what this mean to prospective customers.

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