Contact Centre Solution Options

Contact Centre Solution Options

In May, Gartner released its annual Magic Quadrant report for Contact Centre Infrastructure (CCI). This raised the question of where have some of the other players gone, with now only two vendors, Cisco and Genesis, in the leaders quadrant. And where does that leave organisations in New Zealand that see managing customer interactions is critical to their success.

A few key points to note:

  • Genesys bought Interactive Intelligence (ININ) in 2016 which removed an industry leader. Genesys is committed to the ININ portfolio of PureCloud and CIC (now PureConnect) alongside its historic market leading product, now PureEngage
  • Enghouse Interactive enhances its position as a challenger with EICC, an evolution of the Zeacom product, developed here and used extensively in New Zealand
  • Mitel also remain a challenger with their portfolio including those users in New Zealand that come from using the Solidus platform originally developed by Ericsson/Aastra as part of the MiContact Centre portfolio
  • Avaya, who has always been a leader in this market, drops away due to its financial challenges and clients are expressing dissatisfaction with Avaya’s ability to deliver contact centre solutions
  • ShoreTel, whilst they slip off the Magic Quadrant, still get an honourable mention, along with Alactel-Lucent Enterprise. Both offer solutions in New Zealand and are appropriate for certain situations. They sometimes compete against vendors that are included in the Magic Quadrant

CCI is defined as the products (equipment, software and services) needed to operate contact centres for telephony and multichannel support. There are two key areas that closely align and therefore compete in this area of customer engagement centres (CECs). These are solutions that leverage the move to Cloud, contact centre as service (CCaaS) and, with CEC including managing the dramatic increase in digital interactions, an extension of the CRM Market.

With CCaaS, Gartner does produce reports however this is a far less mature market with Cloud vendors consolidating their position in core geographic locations and then building out presence elsewhere. The latest report was in October 2016 and was split between North America (NA) and Western European (WE) markets.

CCI vendors should have a strategy to compete in the CCaaS market however Interactive Intelligence were the only CCI vendor to appear in both NA and WE reports with Genesys also appearing in the NA report. The new Genesys (includes ININ) is now the market leader across both CCI and CCaaS. This is slightly misleading as Cisco also appear but not in their own right but through service providers like BT and Orange in WE. These are local CCaaS offerings alongside their Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions as Spark does here in New Zealand. Similarly, Vodafone in New Zealand offers a local CCaaS service using Genesys PureEngage.

Alongside the CCI vendors are some emerging CCaaS that have been created as Cloud services and are looking to expand globally using the Internet or leveraging global telecommunication services. With the rapid adoption of Cloud in New Zealand including the success of Salesforce as a CRM application you will start to hear more of these vendors. Names to watch out for in New Zealand are 8×8 and Serenova (previously LiveOps) from NA and NewVoiceMedia from WE. 8×8 does have some channel partners in New Zealand with Serenova and NewVoiceMedia currently serviced out of Australia.  Interestingly, NewVoiceMedia is promoted by Salesforce to complement their CRM application however Salesforce itself use Serenova for its own contact centres.

If you are looking at how to manage omni-channel interactions with your customer and where to invest to get the best for your organisation we are keen to hear from you.

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