What’s happening in Mobile Radio?

What’s happening in Mobile Radio?

TeleConsultants attended the Comms Connect Wellington conference in April. This continues the many years of RFUANZ conferences, who remain Association Partner for the event. The conference highlighted the best in radio and wireless communications from narrow-band radio to PTT over cellular, and from professional LTE to satellite communications.

This year’s conference did not stress the convergence of mobile radio and LTE as much as last year.  It did however deliver more practical examples of this happening in the technology on show, as well as the case studies that were presented by vendors, dealers and end users.

Emergency services use of mobile radio continues to be a key area. There are also many other industries where this technology is key to delivering critical communications – particularly helping to deliver to health and safety commitments organisations face today.

The link below takes you to the conference program and includes further links to the presentations of many of the sessions. We recommend if you are working with mobile radio that you look at what is being done by a number of organisations and we are very keen to discuss how this technology can help your business.


The opening address included an update on Radio Spectrum Policy by Len Starling, who is the Manager of Policy and Planning in the Radio Spectrum Management team at the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment(MBIE). As a reminder, MBIE has issued directives for the phasing out of 25 kHz Land Mobile Radio (LMR) channels. For VHF channels the deadline was 1st November 2015, and for UHF channels 31st December 2019.

If you are working with, or looking at using mobile radio and would like some independent advice or professional services to help with this technology please contact us.

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