Evolving TeleConsultants Services

Evolving TeleConsultants Services

Whilst our core services remain consistent the requirements of clients vary by organisation and they need to be adapted over time to stay in line with changing business strategies and technology. As communications is a key part of Digital Transformation we are finding clients are looking to tap into our skills and expertise in slightly different ways.

Telecommunications Reviews

Last year we carried out a number of telecommunications reviews for clients from large organisations with thousands of employees across multiple sites to SMEs of less than a hundred employees at a single site. One thing is clear that managing telecommunications services is not core for their ICT staff and certainly not core for the businesses themselves. Telecommunications therefore does not get the attention it requires to stay on top of costs, especially as analysts confirm this is approximately 40% of ICT budgets.

Most organisations have been paying for services they do not need for a considerable amount of time and even when this is highlighted it takes time to relinquish or migrate to the appropriate cost effective service. The sooner you understand what services you are paying for and why you are using them, the quicker you can realise the savings. Every month of delay, often deciding whether to do something or not, costs the business dollars best spent elsewhere or adding to your bottom line.

Over the last 12 months we have delivered over $1 Million annual savings to our clients

Vendor Selection

We did mange a number of full RFP processes for clients in 2016. However more and more we are working with clients to provide independent knowledge and expertise, along with the required governance, to make well informed decisions to select vendors, service providers and partners. TeleConsultants always advise clients to look at existing platforms, vendors and service providers but as technologies and services change they do not necessarily meet the needs of your business and sometimes a competitive process is the only way to achieve value for money.

TeleConsultants continue to keep on top of the telecommunications market in NZ and work with all the major Unified Communications and Contact Centre vendors, their services providers, and the main telecommunications services providers. Our core business helps clients with this area which is not business as usual (BAU) for them.

Subject Matter Expertise

As consultants there is no surprise that we provide telecommunications knowledge and expertise to our clients. However what we are finding is that more clients are looking for this as an ongoing service rather than ad hoc projects.

In the past we would have provided a report and then passed this to clients to implement. Increasingly it is being recognised that this, as mentioned above, is not core for the ICT staff in terms of expertise or part of overstretched BAU resources. Clients are therefore looking for us to assist them implement our findings and even provide ongoing BAU services to stay on top of their environment.

Smaller clients are taking these services every few months but some larger clients are looking for us to help them every month. Whilst we have done this for many years what is different is that clients want us to action the recommendations for them rather than just provide them with the information to action themselves.

Professional Services

As part of Digital Transformation businesses are trying to understand how they communicate, especially with clients, and are implementing projects to initiate this change. TeleConsultants now find ourselves providing more communications specific professional services as Functional Business Analysts, Solution Architects and Technical Project Managers.

  • Functional Business Analyst – Generic Business Analysts are good at documenting process and are often involved in software development but without specialist knowledge find it difficult to translate this to ICT Solutions Architects, who are also working without our specialist knowledge. We add value by translating users’ business requirements into functionality and asking questions that expands users’ minds to the possibilities that the technology offers. We then pass this through to Solution Architects.
  • Solution Architect – Generic ICT Solutions Architects are very strong with standard ICT infrastructure and solutions. Communications is a specialist area. 80% of communications solutions leverages standard ICT, especially with virtualisation, operating environments and networks. However it is the 20% of specialised knowledge that delivers the specific value to the business to pull communications solutions together.
  • Technical Project Manager – Technical Project Management provides the glue between the vendor, service provider, internal ICT resources and delivery. Having a strong understanding of all parties’ strengths, responsibilities and expertise ensures vital information is passed between organisations and ensures things do not fall through the cracks.

As our clients look to review their businesses and embrace Digital Transformation to improve their relationships with clients and improve their business TeleConsultants is adapting to your changing needs.

If you are working on initiatives that include communications we are keen to work with you, even if it is not how you have worked with us in the past.

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  1. $1 million in annual savings to your clients is truly impressive. Well done guys!


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