Managing Mobility

Managing Mobility

TeleConsultants has carried out a number of telecommunications reviews over the last few months and mobile connections continue to be an issue. Considerable thought needs to be put into the most appropriate plans for a business.

  • Shouldn’t need 5-6 different plans. If you have this amount chances are there are some legacy plans that need to be removed
  • Must understand the profile for users to put them on the most appropriate plan. You and your preferred service provider must understand the detail of the plans and what happens with the ever increasing use of data, quantities of connections changing, review clauses etc.
  • Need processes in place to be regularly checking on all connections
    • No usage connections should be relinquished
    • Very high usage connections may require a conversation with users around policy/guidelines
    • Move users to a data only plan if they have no longer have voice or TXT usage
    • Check billing is to contract

Also, with unlimited mobile voice and TXT, businesses need to be mindful of what that means for the wider business and how best to be using telecommunications.  Users perhaps should be encouraged to use their mobiles for calling so that fixed line costs decrease.  However, with the industry driving businesses to look at the benefits of unified communications and collaboration, staying in the mobile network separates users away from the rest of their colleagues.

As we all move to a more mobile, always connected world this changes the challenges for the people responsible for managing telecommunications, especially the balance between enabling flexibility whist managing cost.

TeleConsultants sees the challenges that many businesses are facing today and work with a number of clients to find solutions that maximise the use of mobility whilst keeping control of costs. We are keen to share this experience and expertise to help you address similar issues.

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