How UCaaS Worldwide relates to NZ

How UCaaS Worldwide relates to NZ

Gartner released its latest Magic Quadrant report for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Worldwide in August. …read full UCaaS report 

People in New Zealand would not recognise many of these players however a number of these solutions are already here in New Zealand so this information should be considered if you are looking at UCaaS.

RingCentral, Fuze and West are strong offerings in other parts of the world and Gartner suggest they are looking to expand globally however we will need to wait to see if this includes New Zealand. They say Fuze have made it as close as Australia.

A number of the names mentioned are large national/international carriers with large user base numbers. A number of these, AT&T, BT, Orange, NTT and Verizon deliver UCaaS using Cisco Hosted Collaboration Server (HCS) and managed Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) offerings exactly the same as Spark does here in New Zealand. Dimension Data, part of the NTT Group, also offers Cisco and Microsoft UCaaS solutions.

Verizon also provides UCaaS as a multitenant Broadsoft solution to roll out innovative joint mobile/wireline services, similar to Vodafone in New Zealand.

8×8 is a solution that is available in New Zealand from CSG Limited, an Australian company that entered New Zealand as owners of Konica Minolta and last year bought CodeBlue.

Mitel has offered UCaaS through Digital Island and 2degrees (previously as Snap) for some time now and ShoreTel’s partners Connect NZ, BTG and Telesmart also offer managed UCaaS.

Microsoft Office 365 is popular in New Zealand – a country full of small and medium enterprises. Microsoft and their resellers push SfB Online as part of 365 however local telecommunications services and hybrid integration with on premise SfB currently presents challenges. They are addressing this in other parts of the world however it is unclear when this will reach New Zealand.

These solutions are here in New Zealand so the comments may well be valid to a greater or lesser extent. If you are looking at UCaaS you need to evaluate the local offerings and the service providers in more detail to understand which may be best for you. TeleConsultants already assists our clients with these challenges and is keen to hear from you if you are looking at UCaaS.

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  1. Thank you for distributing the recently released MQ for UCaaS. Using the UCaaS Magic Quadrant is an easy way to start a robust discussions with IT professionals, particularly as we have such a strong offering in NZ with the other ‘Leaders’ not being made available locally (as yet).

    Ben Relf
    UCaaS @ CSG


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