Keeping an eye on mobile apps!

Keeping an eye on mobile apps!

Most of us now are using smartphones and do not think twice before downloading a new app to help us manage our increasing busy lives, especially if it is free. With smartphones being a window to the enterprise, what does this mean for corporate security?

If you have not considered this before we do recommend that you consider the significance of your corporate fleet of smartphones.

Mobile security issues have been recognised for some time and there are organisations dedicated to reviewing this in the market. Appthority was founded in 2011 with a singular mission: protect companies from the security, data loss, and privacy risks coming from the explosive growth in employee use of mobile apps.

Appthority Enterprise Mobile Threat Report Q2-2016 highlights:

Apple App Store remains insecure

  • JS Patch and AceDeceiver are just the latest breaches showing why the Apple App Store can no longer be considered immune to security risks
  • 1 out of every 153 enterprise mobile devices had at least one app containing the JSPatch-vulnerable framework
  • The AceDeceiver trojan app, available in the App Store for over two months, was mostly seen in China but was also found on devices in North America and Europe
  • Enterprises need to take extra precautions to protect devices, data and privacy

Android for Work improves Android’s security posture in the enterprise

  • Work and Personal Profiles separate work and personal apps and data
  • VPN and device security options bolster data and device security
  • Verify Apps capability addresses malware, but not total app risk
  • App reputation or app risk management still required for visibility into which apps are safe for the enterprise

Dead apps still an open issue

  • Neither Apple nor Google app stores notify users when apps have been removed for security reasons so risky “Dead Apps” remain on employee devices
  • Android OS update frequency is still lagging, increasing enterprise security risks
  • Only 4.6% of Android devices have Marshmallow installed six months after its release. iOS 9 was on 75% of devices within 4 months

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