Simplifying your telecommunications technology

Strategic and tactical advice and planning

Ensuring you have the best fit solutions and services

Strategy & Planning


If you want to understand how telecommunications can help drive business initiatives, now and in the future, let us show you.

Solution Design & Subject Matter Expertise


Voice solutions are a specialist part of ICT. See how you can add our experience and expertise to your team.

Cost Control & Savings


If you don’t regularly review your telecommunications then you are probably wasting money.

Vendor Selection & Management


If you are looking to replace or upgrade existing telecommunications systems and services, we can help.

The TeleConsultants Advantage

TeleConsultants brings together nearly a century of telecommunications know-how and can-do. We know how to pull disparate issues together for the best outcome. We know who to ask when we don’t have immediate answers.

We provide independent bias-free advice delivering excellent future-proofed outcomes for your telecommunications and ICT projects.

Since 1986 we have proven our ability, and many clients now ask for us by name. Our independence means our advice and support is bias-free.

Our aim is to be easy to do business with, so we tailor our services to fit your needs.